We are holistic and multidisciplinary. The fusion of good planning, architecture, interior design
and landscape creates the best commercial and artistic outcomes.

Design approach:

Our guiding principles are Urban Place-making, destination design and value through synergy. Urban place making involves identifying the special quality of urban space that draws people in to gather, interact and make strong emotional connections. Desti


Our team of architects and planners can support large scale district planning of up to 100hectare, and small scale architectural master plan, Pre-master plan Visioning service to assist the client to develop the brief, and detailed retail planning before commencement of architecture or interior design.

Master plan

Design approach:

A Fusion of Function, Space, Material, Form and Landscape. Sensitive to principles of orientation and placement of sympathetic elements. Each project has relevant contextual character through use of detail and material. The contemporary design language i


Concept, Schematic, Detail Design, Site Review. We also design of Construction Drawings, Fire, hydraulic and Structure through our partner design institutes.


Design approach:

Landscape design supports the overall concept and adds hard and soft elements to compliment and contrast with the architectural and interior spaces. We treat landscape as a sculptural element integrating material, green, seasonality and lighting.


Concept, Schematic Design. We also offer Detail Design and Construction Drawings through our partner Design institute.


Design approach:

We approach each project with a clear understanding of the client and end user. This allows the interiors to have a subtle story with a character and attitude that relates to the end user demographic. The design is Aspirational since it portrays the kind


Concept, Schematic, Detail & Construction Drawings.


Design approach:

pipeline comprehensive layout, showing interior design integration


professional construction drawing, comprehensive profile


Design approach:

Lighting is considered as an integral part of architecture and interior concept design. It supports the perception of shape, the creation of atmosphere and task safety. We develop custom lighting solutions that integrate within or provide spectacle wit


technical scheme, light selection, command mode, electrical construction drawing


Design approach:

Signage and Way finding design is integrated into the interior and architecture design in a way that promotes the clients brand, supports advertising revenue and enhances the navigation.


Wayfinding, Signage, Graphic Design


Design approach:

public space display consultant, whole scheme and art production


public space display consultant, whole scheme and art production



ZWP STUDIO is one of the most active commercial design companies in China with many award-winnings.


ZWP is one of the most active and capable commercial design companies in China that has won a lot of awards.

We have a lot of designers with creativity and rich experiences in architecture, interior, landscape, MEP, lighting, signage etc. We are capable of providing professional solutions for commercial design, office deign, theater design, school and all kinds of public building designs.

ZWP has unique advantages in commercial design, with recent 15 years of deep cooperation with the top developers on a lot of big commercial projects. These projects are all over the country, including 26 states and 80 cities, and more than 120 big-scale commercial projects. These projects are designed in high quality and well satisfied clients’ need and expectations. Through constantly improving our managing system, ZWP will keep its high design standard and provide steady and high quality services to its clients.

ZWP has deep understanding of domestic commercial design, and has witnessed China’s commercial development in the past 15 years. With the mission of design a better life, the vision of being the leader of Chinese commercial design, and the goal of being globally top design company, ZWP is forming its own value and advantages. China has come to a new era, and ZWP will contribute to the commercial designs with its passion and the spirit of exploration.

Under the process of China’s urbanization and booming market, ZWP rooting deeply in China while having a international perspective, will keep its effort on making the world a better place through its design.

Chief Designer_Weiping Zeng

Zeng Wei Ping is chief designer of ZWP, founder of ZWP International.INC, Vice President of Beijing Qingshang Environmental & Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., and Vice President of China Building Decoration Association (CBDA). He wins 2019 Top 10 Designers of China Building Decoration, 2018 Top 10 Leaders of China Design, 2017 Chinese Design of the Year, and 2016 Top 10 Figures of China Interior Design.

Zeng Weiping has been working in Tsinghua University-based Beijing Qingshang Environmental & Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. for nearly 20 years, and now he serves as Vice President. In 2014, he started up Beijing Qingshang Furnishing Art Co., Ltd., a member of Qingshang Group, and held concurrent posts of Director and Deputy General Manager before June 2019. Zeng Weiping has the spirit of craftsmanship, down-to-earth and modest character and is passionate about design. When he worked in the large building institute, subsidiary of Tsinghua University, for nearly 20 nears, Zeng Weiping gradually grew from a designer to Director and to Deputy President. During working in the institute, he was responsible for many famous and important projects, and had deep understanding for design and enterprise management. “Design does not only show demonstration of space aesthetics but also conveys concept”, “Natural material add emotion to the space”, “Design creates value”, “prosperity and revival of cities are escalated by market”, all of these concepts together make Mr. Zeng’s design strategy, and his unique design ideas can always resonates client’s goal.

Zeng Weiping has good aesthetics accomplishment, excellent design capability and keen business sense, and ability to understand and control design results. Meanwhile, he constantly emphasizes innovation and leads the team to ensure design and service quality. High Standard on design is his understanding of “brand is promise”. To better understand customers and improve design and management of the company, Zeng Weiping studied EMBA of Tsinghua’s School of Economics and Management and EMBA of CKGSB, art doctor in Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, which was a path that connects design and business. Mr. Zeng thinks that rooting in China and having world-wide vision will make the firm more comprehensive, and we should deal with the changes with a global perspective and sustainability.

“Design is a belief”, said Mr. Zeng, which proves his passion and sincerity for the design.

Honors and awards

2019 Top 10 Designers of China Building Decoration
2018 Top 10 Leaders of China Design
2017 Chinese Designers of The Year
2016 Annual Top 10 Influential People of China Interior Design
2015年 2014-2015 Outstanding contributors to the annual national quality engineering award
2015 Silver Medal of China Design Award
2015 Chinese Design Young Leader of the Year
2014 Successful senior interior architects of the nation
2013 National Outstanding Interior Designer
2013 Beijing international architectural decoration design biennale centennial outstanding designer
2008 China's Outstanding Young Interior Architects
9th China International Space Design Competition ​gold award in commercial design
8th China International Space Design Competition ​gold award in commercial design
GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Commercial Space Prize
16/17 Asia Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Golden Award in Commercial Design
2017 7th International Space Design bronze award
2017 CBDA China decoration design award commercial space golden award
Golden Bund Award “best public Space design honorable Award:
IDEAT-TOPS best commercial space award
China Environmental Art Award the Best Model
China Environment Art Award best example award
6th Nest Award golden award
2014-2015 International Excellent Project Award “excellent project award”
10th China international biennial exhibition silver award
9th Golden Disc Award annual best commercial space
2013 4th China international space environment art design contest (nesting award) commercial and display space gold award
2013 CIDA China Interior Design Award commercial space award
2013 Environment art in China gold award
2013 Beijing international architectural decoration biennial exhibition commercial space best award
9th China International Interior Biennial exhibition commercial bronze award 3th Nest Award golden award
2012 Exhibition of new works of excellent designer of architectural decoration in Beijing commercial space best award
2012 9th China international indoor biennial exhibition commercial space bronze award
2012 3rd China international space environment art design contest (nesting award) commercial space gold award

Design  Inspiration

I had a closed relationship with commercial design.

In current 15 years, I have been obsessing with commerce space design and practice. My team and I have achieved 100 large commercial buildings in different Chinese city. Every year, hundreds of millions of people go shopping, make social contact, have parties, visit and have a rest in those commercial buildings. Whenever I see people full of joy with a "WOW", I always feel very excited and proud. This sense of proud is not only the work presence but also the contribution of improving city commerce pattern and structure, supplying a kind of life quality for citizen, especially the responsibility as a designer.

China has been quickly growing as the second economy from substance shortage to material abundance and commerce boom in current 30 years. Then many people are converting the material to spirit. Chinese commercial buildings, interior, consumption habit and aesthetic view have changed a lot, moreover, the commercial space as the “city restroom” is turning into the platform, the carrier of the daily life. The consume form is also changing from the simplex comparison of commodity function and price to the new personalized, multi, and valued requirements of the environment, space, quality and connotation.

The pollution is troubling the city and people and the extension development form is been challenging and urgent to be changed. So the economy pattern of the city nowadays is turning from the industry to the service, meanwhile, the commerce will take the responsibility of city’s prosperity and renaissance in some way. Commerce space could play a role of city public function closed with people life.

The commercial design that I made is not just exclusive to the elites but for the public. The way I always insist is the business benefit and success for the developer but the concentration on the commerce sustainability development. I always pursue the design philosophy of “commerce and art integrated”, and create poetic commercial space for people to find the true .

Chief  Designer:


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