ZWP Project / Works with Baoneng Group on Baoneng Zhengzhou Center

Strategically situated at the center of the mid-eastern China, Zhengzhou has taken the lead in the country’s initiative of developing national central cities, so as to accelerate the development of Central China Urban Agglomeration and the implementation of the Development Plans for Central Henan Urban Agglomeration approved by the State Council. As a city embarks on its journey to an international metropolis, iconic buildings are usually erected as witnesses. Envisioning the city’s promising future and following the government’s strategic plan, Baoneng Urban Development Group (the Group) decided to develop the Baoneng Zhengzhou Center (the Project), a 306-meter landmark complex, by leveraging on its experiences and strength in sectors of high-end manufacturing, international logistics, comprehensive development, and services for people’s livelihoods.

As the first masterpiece presented by Baoneng Group in Zhengzhou, the Project is designed by US-based MZA Architecture and the China-based interior designer ZWP Design. The 306-meter urban complex with a GFA of 1.8 million m2 rises as a spectacular landmark in the city and the No. 1 skyline in central China.

The Project enjoys a superior location and provides a prominent business address in the East Square of the high-speed railway station. As the largest and most influential business office building complex in central China, it serves as a showcase of Zhengzhou as a National Central City and represents an important node and strategic highland in the city’s urbanization process. It has also fully demonstrated the strength of the Group and its capability in mobilizing resources as needed to develop mega complex in Zhengzhou.

As a key project on the province’s/city’s list, the Project has its building form inspired by and developed from a square pot with pattern of lotuses and cranes, the most presentative piece of the collection in Henan Museum. The Project, once completed, will become a highly recognizable landmark in Zhengzhou and the central China. For the interior design, ZWP Design takes into account the basic criteria of a city landmark and the inherently superior project conditions, and tries to provide all-around extended functions to cater for the needs of target customers by creating hi-tech, human-oriented and multi-dimensional office spaces as central highlights of business offices and eventually establishing the leading core competitiveness of the Project.

Showcasing the city’s promising future with a sweeping new skyline in central China, the East Square of Zhengzhou East Railway Station will accommodate projects of China Resources, Tus-Holdings, Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd., SINOPHARM, China Railway Signal & Communication Corp (CRSC), Sinolink Renaissance Hotel, Hilton’s Double Tree Hotel, and the S&T innovation base of the head office of Country Garden, in addition to the Project. The city’s future headquarters base is now well prepared to fulfill the city’s ambition and embrace more success in the future.

Working with the Group on 5A office buildings, ZWP Design has been adhering to the design principle of “Design for Better Life”, and, based on common understanding of both parties, explored further the synergetic value of the area and the Project. These efforts have enabled the Group to shape a new landmark in central China, promoted the development and retail upgrading in Zhengzhou East Railway Station area, and created a new icon for the city and a world-class example that will usher in a new business era in Zhengzhou.

Project Profile:

Client: Baoneng Group

Architect: US-based MZA Architecture

Interior Designer: ZWP Design

Project Location: Zhengzhou, Henan

GFA: 330,000

Design: March. 2020

Completion: 2021

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