ZWP New Project / Jiamei Real Estate & Seazen Holdings Work Together to Build the First Wuyue Plaza in Zibo

Recently, Zibo Jiamei Real Estate Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract with Seazen Holdings Co., Ltd. which means Jiayi Center & Wuyue Plaza will settle in the New Economic Development Zone of Zibo City. Zeng Weiping Design Company is responsible for the interior design services. Jiayi Center joined hands with Wuyue Plaza, and the 250,000-square-meter flagship project will be opened with different business forms such as the Wuyue Plaza, the unique Jin Street, apartment and other business forms, bringing Zibo more prosperity.

Zibo is the third largest city in Shandong Province. It is a “larger city” with county authority approved by the State Council of the People ’s Republic of China and a city in the Shandong Peninsula Economic Open Zone. It has over 4.708 million residents and has obvious demographic dividend advantages. As one of Shandong's regional central cities, one of the core cities of the Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration and the central city of the provincial capital agglomeration economic circle, Zibo has great advantages for its future development.

Zibo Jiayi Center & Wuyue Plaza are located in the New District of Zibo City, south of Changguo Road and east of Century Road, Zhangdian District, the central axis of the southern part of the city. As one of the major projects in Zibo City, the one-stop shopping mall which includes shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure and other functions, is also the first large-scale urban commercial complex project of Seazen Holdings in Zibo. Upon completion, it will bring a new business experience to Zibo consumers, drive the development of southern urban areas and enhance the image of the southern part of the city.

In recent years, Zibo City’s tourism brand “Qi Feng Tao Yun · Ecological Zibo” has been gradually showing more momentum and its tourism resources of the ancient cultural capital have become increasingly prominent. In the design process, ZWP will implement contemporary design techniques from the perspective of culture, trend and region, which evokes emotional resonance towards a porcelain paradise that represents the rebirth and rooting of Wuyue Plaza. In the long history of "Porcelain Sea", we traveled through ancient and modern times, tracing the footsteps of pottery and porcelain, using modern language to explain the meaning of ancient porcelain in the commercial world. The unique atrium space is like a wonderful journey of finding porcelain which provides customers with a unique shopping experience.

Commercial design is opening a new era, and understanding of regional culture and in-depth mining of content can better empower the project. ZWP will make use of its deep urban business development experience to organize the resource advantages. Also, it will focus on the growing trend of Zibo city, inject Zibo with the most novel and trendy business style, meet the multiple needs of consumers, improve the surrounding public business scope and quality upgrade, and help build a new landmark in Zibo.

Project information:

Owner: Zibo Jiamei Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Architectural design: Shanghai Jingwei Architectural Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Interior Design: Zeng Weiping Design Company

Project location: Zibo, Shandong

Design area: 117000㎡

Design time: 2020.04

Completion time: 2021

电话:+86 10 62668068

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