ZWP New Project / ZWP Design & LONGFOR Group Work Together to Build the First Baisha Paradise Walk in Wuhan

2020 is the time for Wuhan to get activation, April is the time for Wuhan to get recovery, and therefore,Longfor is there to help Wuhan get development. The new work of the Longfor City Project was unveiled, reopening the new city center for Wuhan: the Longfor Wuhan Baisha Paradise Walk. ZWP Design Company provided interior design services for the project.

The introduction of talents and the development of infrastructure construction in Wuhan benefit the Baishazhou Paradise Walk a lot. At the same time, affected by the national population development plan, the city's development is accelerated, which also brings great space and opportunities for the development of business.

The Wuhan Baisha Paradise Walk is located in the Baishazhou area at the northeast corner of the intersection of Guangxia Road and Baisha 3rd Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City. Transportation(Subway Line 12 and Line 5), commercial, medical and educational facilities have all been gradually implemented, and the first TOD of Longfor Paradise Walk has entered Baishazhou area, paying tribute to a more exquisite life in Wuhan.

As a commercial real estate operator with many years of managerial experience, Longfor Group inherits the specific refinement genes unique to the Longfor Properties, which means that it earnestly operates in each city, relying on the urban planning system, deeply analyzing the needs of its target customers to enhance the attractiveness of the project. Faced with the general trend of online and offline integration, Longfor Group focuses on being a platform for customers to provide high-quality service, continuously optimizing in various aspects such as space design, format introduction, marketing promotion, and customer service, and constantly enhancing the richness of customer experience.

ZWP joined hands with Longfor Group to build Baisha Paradise Walk in Wuhan, aiming to create a happy space, an ecological friendly shopping mall with a lively atmosphere. The primary task of the Paradise Walk is to satisfy the needs of family-based customers, then the fashionable young customer group. The shops with various functions bring customers various choices, linking the functions, scenes and emotions of a community life together.

As a strategic partner of Longfor Properties, ZWP has cooperated with Longfor on more than 10 projects nationwide and has extensive experience in the design of urban complexes. ZWP, after the cooperation with Wanda Plaza Wuhan Han Street, will help once again create a hot spot for the people of Wuhan, with consumer demand as the core, continue to provide many commercial spaces with distinct personalities, to integrate new business models and consumer life concepts into the project, to provide better space and service experience, and to promote the development and upgrade of Wuhan Baishazhou area.

Project information:

Owner: Longfor Group Holdings Limited

Interior Design: Zeng Weiping Design Company

Project location: Wuhan, Hubei

Design area: 136175

Design time: 2020.04

Completion time: 2021

电话:+86 10 62668068

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