ZWP New Projects/ Work with SCE Group to Create SCE World City in Gaomi

Recently, Zeng Weiping Design Company announced its cooperation with China SCE Group Holdings Co., Ltd. to provide interior design services for its Gaomi World City project. The establishment of World City in Gaomi is an important step of China SCE Group 's " Hundred-City Plan in a decade" as well as an important measure to promote the integrated development of Qingdao and Weifang.

The SCE World City is located at the intersection of Yi'an Avenue and Kangcheng Avenue. As the core part of Gaomi’s  urban planning and a strategic location for Gaomi’s eastward development, the SCE World City is surrounded by well-planned supporting facilities:  transportation, education, medical services, businesses, etc. which means great potential for future development. The SCE World City will create a pedestrian street that integrates gourmet food, cross-border retail, leisure experience, maker space, and Internet celebrity blocks. It will meet the multi-dimensional needs of shopping, leisure, entertainment and culture in one stop, a joyful space for a better life.

With the brand mission of driving the renewal and upgrading of Gaomi city, ZWP will focus on all-class families in the city during the design process of the World City, breaking the previous pattern and bringing a brand-new commercial space experience to Gaomi citizens, combining local urban culture , various brands, diversified business formats and multiple functions to build a full-scale comprehensive shopping center with urban characteristics that integrates leisure experience, qualified space, and characteristic scenes, upgrades the high-density business environment, and enhances the quality of consumption of high-density residents.

Every entry is a blessing and reconstruction of the city's commercial experience, and each project is an expectation for the future of the city. This is the first cooperation between ZWP and China SCE Group. Both parties will rely on forward-looking design concepts and rich experience to promote the project to achieve greater commercial value, help high-density business upgrades, and create a high-quality "urban life experience center" , a vibrant and colorful city which will inject new momentum into Gaomi's current economic development, and in the future will bring Gaomi citizens an experience of international urban life, a brand-new urban center, and more expectations.


Owner: China SCE Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Interior Design: ZWP Design Company

Architectural design unit: JiZhunFangZhong Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Location: Gaomi, Shandong

Area: 62228㎡

Design Time: July, 2020

Completion Time: 2022

电话:+86 10 62668068

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